1. Malala。 @ Malala。:
    I find the default windows (7) one the easiest to read, https://0x0.st/z-PA.png
  2. Malala。 @ Malala。:
    Might just be me who finds it easier though
  3. Soar @ Soar:
    but we have select from Google Fonts because support to every devices
    Changed to Arial
  5. Kanna @ Kanna:
    > _ <
  6. Gopa @ Gopa:
    0 _ 0
  7. Gumi @ Gumi:
  8. Malala。 @ Malala。:
    @Soar you don't need to use google fonts, if you select no font the system default is used, Google Fonts just load one in
  9. e_e @ e_e:
    how to apply saysounds?
  10. Gumi @ Gumi:
    Insert your downloaded Say sound into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\sound
  11. Gumi @ Gumi:
    but If there is no misc folder in the sound folder, create it and put the Say sound in the misc folder
  12. Z @ Zero:
    Admins please verify if nading + burning effects on 30+ zombies cause server tick to be delayed around 50~100 ms.
  13. Z @ Zero:
    Burning effect particles on zombies seems to cause the server to lag. You can try confirm this in ze_atos
  14. Z @ Zero:
    We already have fixes it. Currently ZE server is running on alternative server. So CPU is weak a bit than primary machine.
  16. Z @ Zero:
    Roger that.
  17. Lv. 100 Crobat @ Lv. 100 Crobat:
  18. Z @ Zero:
    Need mapper's opinion. Is 60 seconds too long for players to wait for a door to open after triggering the timer right infront of it?
  19. Z @ Zero:
    Or I should go for 40 seconds instead?
    It is depends on difficult of defending
  21. Z @ Zero:
    I guess I'll try both then
  22. S @ schawink:
    I can't find the server in my server list
  23. S @ schawink:
    How should I connect? any suggestions?