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マップ名(Map name): ze_S_A_M_a40

容量(Map size): 149 Mb

ダウンロードリンク(Download link):

アイテムの有無(Has items?): Yes

entWatch config (if have file): No

簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding):(ここは無理に記入する必要はないです): Contest version

We have finally won ze_project_alcaria_v3_2 map on the server!

According to the rules of the contest (see, in order to win the contest a player needs to win stage 3 and any other stage in addition to it (that is stage 1 or 2).

I've made a list of players who have won stage 3 and another stage, based on '[ZR] Round End Stats' from my CS:GO console log:

01   "frozen"                 STEAM_1:1:51159484        Stages won: 1,2,3
02   "可惜是个变态"      STEAM_1:0:71476632        Stages won: 2,3
03   "DarkNitz"             STEAM_1:0:50572962        Stages won: 1,3
04   "Arie"                    STEAM_1:0:40736676        Stages won: 1,2,3
05   "-k-k-"                   STEAM_1:1:160405872      Stages won: 1,2,3
06   "miya16yoi"           STEAM_1:1:422865075      Stages won: 1,3
07   "FireStarter"          STEAM_1:0:15332181        Stages won: 1,3
08   "ちこたん"              STEAM_1:1:429876066      Stages won: 2,3
09   "gyaban"               STEAM_1:0:53263976        Stages won: 1,3
10   "gyukichan"          STEAM_1:0:197643970       Stages won: 1,3
11   "ZEUS"                 STEAM_1:0:34879884        Stages won: 1,3
12   "MCA"                  STEAM_1:1:25019850        Stages won: 1,2,3
13    "Satō"                  STEAM_1:1:176857127      Stages won: 1,3
14   "mj22332004"        STEAM_1:0:13629552        Stages won: 1,2,3

And here is a list of players who have won only stage 3: Here are full '[ZR] Round End Stats' of the 3 winning rounds:

You should request to join this Steam group, if you have won the contest: Alcaria 's Contest Winner.

I'll send a link to this post to Naraka.

You may post your victory screenshots here, but this is probably not necessary, because Naraka told me that he has already got our '[ZR] Round End Stats' from Satō.

As far as I know, a server can claim a victory in the contest only once, and the contest runs until 3 different servers have their victories.

Here's my demo of the last stage, if somebody is curious:

Congratulations to the winners!

マップ名 (Map name): ze_biohazard_manor_004_p4
容量 (Map size): 129 Mb
ダウンロードリンク (Download link): bsp; jpg
アイテムの有無 (Has items?): a Flamethrower
entWatch config (if have file): None
簡単なマップ説明 (Reason for adding): quite a popular ZE map, why is it not on the server? =)

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