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LUL can I get unbanned already? why no reply.  :( >:(

Unban me in pse discord (at the very least), cause I didn't even break any pse discord rules. And it also makes it easier to protest my ban there rather than the forum.

There were no admins giving me warnings in server chat before I got banned. They could have given me warnings in server chat instead of discord chat, I am not even using my phone at that time. So just unban me in discord. 😥😥😔

Yeah but that reason is still invalid to issue a ban on me. How would you know that I will stay in spec for all maps? (you can foretell the future? WOW). I only stay in spec during ze_blue_zenith and I got banned for it. You didn't even gjve me a chance to prove that i am changing. Btw I did not see the messages in discord when I am playing in the server cause I am not using my phone during that time so I should be unbanned from discord too. I did not do anything wrong in discord, at least unban me from discord. I will protest my ban there, much easier compared to the forum. Also, you even stated in your last paragraph that whether or not I am banned or unbanned on pse doesn't matter, so why not just unban me instead? Let me prove it.

Staying in spec for a map  that I nominated for as reason given for my perm ban is totally just invalid, so I should be unbanned tbh. Also, can you unban me in the discord? So it's easier to protest my ban rather than replying in forum.

I am being nice, I did not disrespect anyone ever since I was unbanned from the ''1st perm ban'', all I did was nominate maps and ask people to vote for it WITHOUT SPAMMING (it was 2 lines as shown in the picture that you posted). The map that I nominated is ze_blue_zenith ( a new map ) which most people automatically votes for it, when the map starts, I was in spec because I am new to the map (so obviously I am trying to learn the map by watching others play, duh it's a new map), I don't see that I broke any server rules by staying in spec EVEN if the map that i NOMINATED in in play. It's just so invalid to ban me for these. Spamming is out of the question since I did not spam at all, so I assume that the only reason that got me ''2nd perm ban'' was staying in spec during the map that is in play (which is nominated by me).

Why am I even banned in discord too, at least unban me from discord, so I can discuss with the admins easier on my protest to my ban. Easier to talk in discord compared to forums. I feel unfair, all the reasons given for the "2nd" perm ban are invalid.

LUL staying in spec in not even an offence, why am I banned for it when many people stay in spec all the time without getting ban too. I know that spamming is an offence, which I stopped, how is that even spamming (the recent one shown in your screenshot), do you even understand what is spamming? LUL. It's just 2 lines (not considered spamming), I voted for that map cause it's new map based on the name, and I stayed in spec because I was eating something while watching people play (what's wrong with that?... ). Just ban me already please.

Why am I banned again? The reason in sourcebans is "Unwelcome by several admins", I got banned just because of that? how unfair, the reason is so invalid. I did not even break any server rules anymore ever since I was unbanned few days ago, this is extremely unfair. Just unban me already please. 😕😯

Taking into account that this is my first ever permanent ban and the only mistake that got me banned was spamming in server chat by asking people to vote/nominate for my favourite maps and also asking them to rtv (I did not got banned for trolling items, edging, racism, advertising etc), and that I have learnt my mistakes, please give me one more chance to prove it to you that I am well behaved now. Otherwise, you can always perm ban me if I broke any rules again, without the chance of me being able to appeal anymore.

Yeah but I took it for granted, so I can only blame myself for spamming a lot in server chat despite warnings and lenient punishment given to me. But I really learnt my mistakes ever since I am banned permanently, possession is my favourite zombie escape server, I really hope you can unban me. I can guarantee to you that I will behave well in the server from now onwards, if I break any server rules again, you can perm ban me without the chance of me appealing anymore. Let me prove it. 😥

e.g. you can unban me from the server. If I broke the server rules again by spamming in server chat asking people to nominate/vote for my want-to-play maps, you can ban me permanently and I won't be able to appeal my ban anymore.

Please consider giving me one more chance. I really learnt my mistakes, Iet me prove it to you that I will not spam anymore in server chat and will behave well in the server.

BAN解除依頼 (Unban Requests) / Unban request (I got banned permanently)
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:31:58 AM »
Hi, I want to apologize for spamming so many times in possession zombie escape server despite being told not to spam anymore for many times by the admins. I spam a lot in the server chat because I want to play a specific map that's why I keep on asking people to vote for the map I want to play, I know it can be annoying but I do not meant to troll at all. I did not troll at all (e.g. inflating, edging, misusing items etc) in the server, the only thing I did is spamming in the server chat to ask people to vote for a specific map that I want to play, which I know caused a lot of annoyance to people playing in there. I know that I shouldn't be selfish and should respect whatever map that the majority of people wants to play, I learnt my mistakes and I am really sorry for spamming so much in the server chat. Since this is my first permanent ban and spamming is the only reason that got me banned permanently, I hope that I will be unbanned from the server because it is one of my favourite zombie escape server to play, I promise that I won't spam in the server chat anymore to ask people to vote for the map that I want to play, I will just obey the rules and play whatever map that people voted to play. Please give me a chance, I hope that you an forgive me. Thank you for reading.

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