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BAN解除依頼 (Unban Requests) / Unban request (I got banned permanently)
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:31:58 AM »
Hi, I want to apologize for spamming so many times in possession zombie escape server despite being told not to spam anymore for many times by the admins. I spam a lot in the server chat because I want to play a specific map that's why I keep on asking people to vote for the map I want to play, I know it can be annoying but I do not meant to troll at all. I did not troll at all (e.g. inflating, edging, misusing items etc) in the server, the only thing I did is spamming in the server chat to ask people to vote for a specific map that I want to play, which I know caused a lot of annoyance to people playing in there. I know that I shouldn't be selfish and should respect whatever map that the majority of people wants to play, I learnt my mistakes and I am really sorry for spamming so much in the server chat. Since this is my first permanent ban and spamming is the only reason that got me banned permanently, I hope that I will be unbanned from the server because it is one of my favourite zombie escape server to play, I promise that I won't spam in the server chat anymore to ask people to vote for the map that I want to play, I will just obey the rules and play whatever map that people voted to play. Please give me a chance, I hope that you an forgive me. Thank you for reading.

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