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BAN解除依頼 (Unban Requests) / Unrestricted request
« on: January 12, 2019, 12:50:07 AM »
Hello everyone,

My situation is I got items restricted by admin Miyako (if I remember his name correctly) on test_skyrim. The problem I believe was he noticed that I was able to get an character every game; and everything was ok until the last level where we had to over defend abit at the begining and I got archmage on that round. I was panic and forgot to use right-click ability that causes human defeated.

I noticed that on this map, sometimes people know about the items only pick what they wanna play with and left one or two items unpicked; I’m just trying to fill-in the blank end pick whats left behind.

I havent known all the map thoroughly but I’m trying to learn them, and really try to reach for the items because I like to overdefend for the team instead of always staying in the back and hug door (seriously what is the fun of that lol)
With that being said, I hope to get items unrestricted.
Thank your for your attention. Have a good day!

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