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First of all , What map ?

And kicking and disconnect? i dont get it .for kick command , there might be a reason why they got kicked. most of them are trolls or people who triggering without knowing anything or map , for a example : Taboo where admins kicked those people who randomly pressing buttons , "kick" command pretty much is just a warning

Does this mean I have a chance :^)

Like main post said "only japanase" , and also you're admin on other server.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2018 ZE Admin Application ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 and it's  for only Japanese sorry ;P



Nickname :
SteamID :
ひとこと :

Possession Serverのdiscordに参加できること(vc環境あれば尚良)
Possession Serverに積極的に接続できること

Repost because people can see  ;)

Don't need to delete the map or remove it from nomination actually. The crash happens when we play custom plugins "Race mode". To load EX3 and Race mode you need a plugin is not map's fault but EX3+Race plugins , Maybe now we need to stop playing race mode instead removing map from nomination list or server

The video is not enough to make people learn the map , because is one  person view , and thats what guide for to show where teleport/good spots for defending/etc

The guide is in english Feel free to rewrite in Japanase

Item :

All human items are level 2

  • Fire : Burn zombies and Damage 2000 per second
  • Ice : Freeze zombie in area
  • Wind : Pushing Zombies
  • Lightning : Slowdown and 20,000 damage (Freeze zombie if zombie not die)
  • Light : Heal 250HP and Unlimited ammo in area
  • Shadow : Slowdown zombies

ZM Items :
  • Fire : (M1) Flamethrower - (M2) Fireball
  • Ice : (M1) Icicle attack - (M2) ZM heal
  • Wind : (M1) Speed ZM in area - (M2) Reduce Knockback for ZM
  • Lightning : Bind human items and cant be used


Teleport placement and tips :

First TP after someone trigger the door

Teleport After Triggering Top door

Teleport After Triggering Door before fence


Recommend :
- 1 Person 1 Trigger , after trigger get back to surface so not losing HP

You need to defend The 2 Routes for 30 seconds or Defend 3 sides (MID/LEFT/RIGHT) , Don't let zombie get into room in middle or they will teleport same side as human , after the blackout zombie will teleport in maze underwater , go to right side and swim

You need to watch these 2 ZM Routes

  Overdefend 2 ZM Routes for 15 second , Go to stairs and keep defend the stair.

You only can TRIGGER middle door , after you trigger the zm TP

After door open just go straight to door (NOT BOSS ROOM)

Maze Defend


Boss fight

- Moving
- Damage for touching boss : 80HP
- No Grenade only shoot
- Items is WORKING on BOSS

- Attack list :
  • Dark Subs : To dodge you need to Crouch
  • Curse of Darkness : Slowdown human
  • Spitacid : Poison Spit from boss's mouth
  • Poison Circle : Watchout the circle poison when boss moving
  • Icecle : Dont stand on Blue , its like zombie ice item attack
  • Crystal Blast , Explosion stay away from the boss

**NOTE : I think there SLOWDOWN Human attack when pink circle around boss but i dont know name of attack

After beating boss

You can overdefend because no zombie teleport.

I recommend to stay inside of room and defend this door , Trigger LIFT is behind the door . keep defending UNTIL 10 Seconds >>LIFT<< , The side door will open

There 3 Level Platform on the Lift and 2 Floor.

After second floor defend over , stay on middle , SAVE YOUR ITEMS because 3rd FLOOR is harder than 2nd FLOOR
After Third floor defend over , only 1 platform on middle left , I recommend using thunder at 10 seconds mark (Thunder Size can kill all zombies in middle platform)

Don't let zombie touching the wall , you need push all zombies before it toucihng the wall

The END , Thats the end of LEVEL 3 of EVERNIGHT

Map name : ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo4
Restrictions: no machine gun
Others: 1990 mode  8)

マップ名(Map name): ze_sky_temples_v1_4

容量(Map size):115 Mb

ダウンロードリンク(Download link):

アイテムの有無(Has items?):yes

entWatch config (if have file)  :no

簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding):Mapper request to test the map  8)

1、マップの名前(Map name) : ze_rizomata_a44

2、難易度(levels,stages) : Stages 3

3、クラッシュしたときの状況、できるだけ詳しく(Details) : its crash same place like last time  :(

more detail : haste items dropped

Server : []Zombie Escape 24/7 | Rank | Recruiting | NoBlock |
Player in demo ; ken
Demos : (70+mbs in rar / 150mbs in .dem)
Tick of demos : 75,000+

------------------------ [ZR] Round End Stats ------------------------
# 2493        "Kólga"                                    STEAM_1:0:82019982          Alive    Human
# 2679        "Yam!nAbe"                                  STEAM_1:0:31372864          Alive    Human
# 2726        "Snowy ♥"                                 STEAM_1:0:45564798          Alive    Human
# 2756        "rcn"                                       STEAM_1:1:27353535          Alive    Human
# 2715        "Shiru"                                     STEAM_1:1:112736318         Alive    Human
# 2682        "Saint-Tabarnac"                            STEAM_1:0:18161545          Alive    Human
# 2686        "stella"                                    STEAM_1:1:26804760          Alive    Human
# 2731        "▇ ▆ ▅ ▄"                              STEAM_1:0:97377678          Alive    Human
# 2658        "Razzle"                                    STEAM_1:1:41497904          Alive    Human
# 2713        "ryo"                                       STEAM_1:0:46777548          Alive    Human
# 2750        "+f"                                        STEAM_1:0:63319239          Alive    Human
# 2709        "ken"                                       STEAM_1:1:42187269          Alive    Human

マップ名(Map name) :ze_crazy_escape_v5_5
容量(Map size): 58.6 mb(圧縮したサイズ)
ダウンロードリンク(Download linke) :!AoDe7Jw-D2yygT0Ie6O-Hh3Ba2xu
アイテムの有無(Has items?) : no
entWatch config(if have file) : none
簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding) : naraka map

マップ名(Map name): ze_hidden_temple_v2_4
容量(Map size):42.4 mb(圧縮したサイズ)
ダウンロードリンク(Download link):!AoDe7Jw-D2yygT71AM2OonSCIZNh
アイテムの有無(Has items?):no
entWatch config (if have file)  : nope
簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding):trigger bug fix

Map name (Map name): ze_otakuroom_v5_3

capacity (Map Size): 102MBytes

Download Link (Download link):

presence or absence of items (Has items?): No

EntWatch config (If have file): No

simple map description (Reason for adding): the map have so many changes from last version we played on server (v3_4)  8)

Map name (Map name): ze_dreamin_v1_4

capacity (Map Size): 117MBytes

Download Link (Download link):

presence or absence of items (Has items?): Yes

EntWatch config (If have file): idk

simple map description (Reason for adding): map update  ;D

マップ名(Map name):ze_pokemon_adventure_v1_1

容量(Map size):
33mb (.bz2)
60++mb (.bsp)

ダウンロードリンク(Download link):

アイテムの有無(Has items?):yes (4 human items : heal (potion) , great ball (ammo) , egg (wind) , pokeball (?))

entWatch config (if have file)  :nope

簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding):not same as PKMN_adventure , 3 stages.

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