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Do items in the maps use any kind of shared vscripts? Because I just can't find any tutorial that would teach me how to display item timings. I'm pretty sure they use game text but probably using vscripts to display it especially when there's multiple items and you need to display them in single string.

I can see how it works now. Thanks

yeap, models won't download.
try open the this link.
either bad files or missing files.

Such as grau and wanderer's palace.  My memory is damn bad so I cant remember most of the names..  :-X
Those maps contain simple bosses AI which can only attack.
I just wanna know if they use entitities in hammer editor to do it or they combine both entities and plugins.

I'm also interested in learning the technique for making bosses that can move such as FFVII Cosmo Canyon's Ifrit and pirate map with Barbossa in it.

I'm just wondering.. Did you guys use bunch of logic entities in hammer editor or a plugin?
Based on how the boss targets and moves, it looks like logic entities..

List of Broken Model Links
  • Chara (Directory: player/custom_player/thas/MMD/Dozen317/chara/)
    • chara_arms.dx90.vtx.bz2
    • chara_arms.dx90.vtx
    • chara_arms.mdl.bz2
    • chara_arms.mdl
    • chara_arms.vvd.bz2
    • chara_arms.vvd

The freeze problem caused by the sound engine. I got error messages related to Audio Processing in the console. Thanks @Sato.

I've been seeing this errors in the game console ever since I started playing in the server since few days ago.
It's possibly caused by forbidden access , missing files from the server or wrong download server.

And, there's other errors which bugs me off since there's other players having the same problem.
Missing particles and sound files.
You can usually ignore these 2 errors most of the time but... Some maps such as FFXIV_Wanderers_Palace will cause player's computer to freeze.
I still haven't identify which of the 2 errors caused the freeze but I'm pretty sure it's caused by [Sound] plugins.
The reason is that you can see too many sound plugin errors in the console before your computer start freezing.

Therefore, please check if the files for particles and sounds are actually available to download. Check the attachments for the errors.

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