Re: マップ追加要望スレッド(Map Suggestions)
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マップ名(Map name): ze_Pokemon_Rivals_v1_5

容量(Map size):118.1 mb

ダウンロードリンク(Download link):https://gamebanana.com/maps/200111

アイテムの有無(Has items?):yes

entWatch config (if have file)  ::(

簡単なマップ説明(Reason for adding): just tested on a diff server and everything seemed to work smoothly so im sharing the sauce :)

The map consists of 3 levels with 1 extra level. 11 playable pokemon and a true pokemon battle at the end of each level. (3 starters, 6 catchable, 2 enemy starters) Both humans and zombies can join in on the battle, as the zombies control the enemy pokemon