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on: September 08, 2018, 10:52:33 PM
Is it possible for you to add plugin that display map's console message as alert hint message to players?
You can also display translated message to those who are using translation feature.
The advantage of doing this is that, players can properly read map tips that is displayed at bottom mid.
Displaying them at the chat window makes it very hard for players to read since it's too distracting.

FFVII Ancient Temple's early part of stage 1 already proven this point where players could't read the console message since the zombies could've kill them as soon as they make a mistake in that roadmap area.

The alert hint message I've mentioned actually is the alert hint message that the zombie reloaded plugin use for the infection countdown. I had a look at franug edition of zr plugin's source, it use 'PrintCenterText' for alert type hint message.

Here's the function link

Tell me if you need flowchart for handling console message.

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