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on: December 20, 2018, 11:41:40 PM
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Messages from PerfectLaugh:

We have decided opening up new Alternative server in HK region for one month testing. (2018/12/21~2019/01/21)
We welcome all players come to our new HK server for testing and having fun!
Settings and rules are almost same as Japan server except of voice chat preference. We enforces English/Chinese(Mandarin) as voice chat speaking languages in this server, thus Japanese cannot be the main language as VC. However, you can use all languages you prefer as in chat.

Here's the MOTD:

How to play this mode
  • The goal is to escape from the zombies as humans, and reach the final point (in ze_* maps)
  • Maps prefixed with zm_* are not default [Escape mode] but [Zombie Mod]. Your goal will be staying alive in the round time.
Routes and Geography are different between maps.
  • Boss (Object-like entity) may appear depending on map design, and have to be defeated by shooting on it.
    There are various types of bosses from simple ones to ones having several complicated attack patterns. Please be used to it.
  • There will be items in partial maps. You can use those items (without cooldown) with E key
    Please make sure you know how to use these items before picking them up (by learning from how others use these).
  • Even if you don't know this mode, you can still enjoy the mode by cooperating with each others.

Server introduction
●Max 64 players・Various maps・Using plugins that realize the settings similar to CS:S.
●Weapon settings that are fun to all players.
No discrimination of weapon parameters for all players. (This means Admin・Donator. have no unfair weapon advantages)
It is important to cooperate with each others in Zombie Escape mode.
Please read the following rules / command list.

Settings Supported by SakuraServer
Materials/Models Supported by ZombiEden

Command list
  • !<Weapon name> :  Buy specific weapon. You can check all available weapon names in !zbuy
  • !zbuy :  Buy weapon without being in buyzone.
  • !shop :  Buy player skins / etc. items in shop. You can earn credits by staying in server
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !zmenu :  Set several related settings in ZE mode.
  • !zspawn :  You can spawn as zombie if late join in server.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !volume :  Set voice/music volumes.
  • !stopsound :  Turn off other players' weapon sounds.
  • !mapmusic :  Turn on/off map music or set music volume.
  • !sm or !sm <Player Name> :  Self-mute specific player's voice.
  • !su or !su <Player Name> :  Self-unmute specific player's voice.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !tp :  Switch between Thirdperson/Firstperson view
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !rtv :  Rock the vote for map change
  • !nominate :  Nominate the next map

Server rules
Warning or Kick → Temporary BAN
  • DON'T Spam chat・Spam VC・Spam SaySounds
  • DON'T Exploit/Glitch Map/Plugin Bugs
  • DON'T Troll with items (which causes humans defeat)
  • DON'T maliciously disconnect/reconnect when being infected
    (since the number of zombies are adjusted based on game balance)
  • DON'T hide as human to delay the game play.
Kick or Temporary Ban → Permanent BAN
  • DON'T hate speech.
  • DON'T do anything that will cause others' gaming experience unpleasant.
Permanent BAN
  • DON'T Race discrimination・Any kind of discrimination・Coercion
  • DON'T Impersonate as Admins
  • DON'T Post any advertisement url, or any fishing sites
  • DON'T Cheat・Hack (Of course we will ban it)


设置和规则几乎和日服相同。 但是语音的部分则是以英语和中文(普通话)优先, 因此无法让日语作为优先语言。 然而, 您可以在聊天栏里头输入任何语言。


  • 目标是作为人类从僵尸手里逃出, 并且到达最终地点。 (ze_* 开头地图)
  • zm_* 开头地图不是我们默认的模式 [逃跑模式], 而是 [僵尸Mod]。 您的目标将是生存至回合的最后一秒。
路径和地形 会因地图而异。
  • Boss (物件实体) 在部分地图可能出现。而这些Boss需要用枪击倒。
    而这些Bosses有简单的也有需要记住攻击模式的复杂Boss, 所以请习惯它。
  • 部分地图会有不同的神器, 您可以按下E键去使用这些神器
  • 您就算不知道如何玩, 您也可以通过沟通去享受这个模式

没有任何玩家会有不公平的武器性能 (包括管理员/捐助者在内)
请阅读下列规则 / 指令清单

SakuraServer 支持设置
ZombiEden 支持材质/模型

  • !<武器名> :  购买特定武器。 您可以在 !zbuy 检视相关武器名
  • !zbuy :  在购买区外购买武器
  • !shop :  利用每分钟发布的点数购买玩家皮肤等相关道具
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !zmenu :  设置僵尸逃跑模式相关设置
  • !zspawn :  晚加入的玩家可以作为僵尸重生的指令
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !volume :  设置各式音乐音量
  • !stopsound :  关闭其他玩家的枪声
  • !mapmusic :  开启/关闭 或者调整地图音乐
  • !sm!sm <玩家名> :  自我禁音特定玩家
  • !su!su <玩家名> :  自我反禁音特定玩家
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !tp :  切换第三人称/第一人称视角
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • !rtv :  投票改图
  • !nominate :  提名下一张地图

警告或踢出 → 暂时Ban
  • 请勿 刷屏・刷语音・刷Saysounds
  • 请勿 利用地图/插件臭虫(Bug)
  • 请勿 巨魔(会造成人类灭亡的)
  • 请勿 感染时恶意断线/重连
  • 请勿 作为人类躲藏延迟游戏进度
踢出或暂时Ban → 永久BAN
  • 请勿 人身攻击
  • 请勿 做任何会造成影响他人的游戏体验的行为
  • 请勿 种族歧视・任何歧视・胁迫
  • 请勿 伪装成管理员
  • 请勿 贴出广告或任何钓鱼网站
  • 请勿 作弊 (当然我们会Ban)
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